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Embark in a career that drives the economy
  • Small business is the fuel that powers North America and we are the driving force behind the seamless transfer of quality businesses while protecting the confidentiality and integrity at all times. Business brokering is a high demand career and NAABB business brokers are the industry pioneers in quality representation of business sellers and buyers. Join the team that currently serves over 150 locations across the USA.
Do you have 10+ years combined experience in the following?
  • bullet Direct B2B or B2C Sales
  • bullet Real Estate / Property Management
  • bullet Legal / Accounting
  • bullet Self Ownership / Entrepreneurial
  • bullet Lending / Finance / Insurance
  • bullet Business Development / Consulting
  • If have the experience then you are NAABB Material                                   
    • You DO NOT need business broker experience
    • You will NEVER cold call or canvass
    • You will have EXCLUSIVE territory rights by area code (s)
    • You will EARN $200K + Annually by following the system
    • You will BECOME part of the prestigious NAABB brand

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