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Currently covering 150 cities across 43 states

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Business Broker Careers With NAABB

The North American Alliance of Business Brokers (NAABB) is North America's largest network of independent business brokers. NAABB is currently covering 150 cities across 43 states. All new NAABB business brokers start off with 20 business seller leads. These are hot leads waiting for you to call them - guaranteed!


The success of any business depends on the demand for the services offered. Unlike the real estate market that is saturated with competition and tied into the economy, a business broker offers a service that...

  • Solves a major concern for business owners wanting to sell
  • Is not affected by the economy
  • Stimulates local economic growth
  • Creates opportunity for business buyers
  • Creates and/or saves jobs that might have been lost
  • Cannot be outsourced
  • Is VERY lucrative to a good six figure income

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