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The Career Possibilities and Income Potential Are Endless with NAABB!

The North American Alliance of Business Brokers provides a proven business broker career that not only works, it has also revolutionized the industry. Become a NAABB business broker to enter a fun and lucrative career that can easily generate you $200K or more per year. You will help business owners to sell his or her business in a confidential manner to qualified buyers. While most other business brokers sell businesses like a real estate clearinghouse, we broker businesses by representing quality business sellers from buyer qualification to closing. Our 115+  locations demonstrates our success.

As a matter of fact, this is NOT real estate at all. We represent business owners in selling his or her goodwill (profit) and assets. We do not sell real estate!

Forget Brokering Experience - Can You Build Sales Relationships?

We are not looking for those with business broker experience rather we are looking for those with a soft sales background who believes in developing relationships rather than controlling situations. It is a very difficult and emotional decision for our sellers to sell their business so the ability to build rapport and relationships is vital to being successful under our system. With this soft sell philosophy you can easily make $200K or more per year if you follow our system and goals. This career does take discipline and structure which makes the financial reward even that much more gratifying knowing it was a job well done.

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